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Aceptamos y respetamos a todas las familias como nuestros clientes y empoderamos a padres e hijos. Creemos que buscar apoyo es la forma en que se produce el cambio y el crecimiento, y lo vemos como una fortaleza familiar.

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This month, we are sharing information from local pediatricians, pediatric nurse practitioners, and public health leaders (many of whom have young children) about the COVID vaccines for this age group.

Teaching children (and ourselves) tools to cope with distress might not stop traumatic events from happening again, but it can help restore a sense of safety and hope for a better future.

As everyday routines start to resemble pre-pandemic life more and more, remember to hold on to the bright spots and create a “new normal” that works for your family.

Nurturing your mental health will reduce the stress of parenting (and everyday life) and provide a healthy model for your children, who are developing their own tools for coping with stress.

No matter what happens next with COVID-19, it’s clear we’ll be making more decisions on a day-to-day basis.

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